Ongoing projects are listed below.  Details can be found in the linked Project Summaries.

PARAS 0022 - Active Shooter Mitigation and Recovery Strategies

PARAS 0023 - Exit Lane Strategies and Technology Applications

PARAS 0024 - Consolidated Receiving and Distribution Facilities

PARAS 0025 - Security Regulatory Compliance at Tenant Facilities

PARAS 0026 - Insider Threat Mitigation at Airports

PARAS 0027 - Guidance for Root Cause Analysis in Aviation Security

PARAS 0028 - Revision of PARAS 0004 Recommended Security Guidelines for Airport Planning, Design, and Construction

PARAS 0029 - Update PARAS 0001 Criminal History Records Checks (CHRCs) and Vetting Aviation Workers

PARAS 0030 - Guidance for Access Control System Transitions

PARAS 0031 - Airport Response to UAS Threats

PARAS 0033 - Mental Health and Airport Security

PARAS 0035 - Synthesis of Escort Privileges and Escorting Practices