Ongoing projects are listed below.  Details can be found in the linked Project Summaries.

FY 2022

PARAS 0045 Guidance for Biometric Technology at Airports

PARAS 0046 Security at Tenant and Third-Party Controlled Facilities at Airports

PARAS 0050 Public Safety and Security at On-Airport Rental Car Facilities

PARAS 0052 Implementing CBP's Airport Technical Design Standard: Planning and Design Considerations for International Arrivals Facilities

FY 2023

PARAS 0053 Practices and Considerations for Alternate Languages in the Credentialing Process

PARAS 0054 Optimizing Compliance with Airport Security Rules and Regulations

PARAS 0055 Airport Law Enforcement Staffing

PARAS 0056 Airport Security Program (ASP) Development Guidance

PARAS 0057 Airport Credentialing Office Planning and Design

PARAS 0058 Workforce Planning and Development for Airport Operator Security Roles